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For Individual presentations and pre-arranged panels:


Each session lasts 75 minutes. In principle, the first hour is devoted to the presentations and the following 15 minutes to Q&A (discussion).

The duration of a presentation for an individual paper should not be longer than 15 minutes. The Chair of the session is responsible for keeping the time and, in principle, his/her presentation is the last one of the sessions. The Chair will also coordinate the discussion.

A paper can be presented by one or more coauthors as long as the maximum length for the presentation is respected and all the presenting coauthors are registered for the conference.

Authors can use a presentation software (Powerpoint, Prezi etc.) as a support for their speech, although that is not mandatory. Presentations shall take place live (i.e. they cannot be pre-recorded).

The authors of the presentations do not need to send any written text before or after the conference, as the only publication will be the Book of abstracts.

In addition, the platform has the feature (during the conference only) of generating private meeting networking rooms, where presenters and participants can share ideas (details will follow).


For Posters:


The poster must be presented as a PDF file of no more than one (1) page.

All the poster authors received the instructions for uploading the poster on the email. If not, please contact conference@eurocrim2021.com.

The posters will be presented in a poster gallery. Participants will have access to that poster gallery any time during the conference. 

The poster can be accompanied by an attached video or audio file (that can be used as a presentation of the poster), but the inclusion of that file is not compulsory (i.e. you can include the file if you want, but you are not obliged to do so).


For any issues, please contact conference@eurocrim2021.com.

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